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Alice Sturzinger LLC

Est. 1963

Handmade Murano Glass Jewelry and Glassware from Venice, Italy
Handcrafted Music Boxes from Europe

Glassware - Tableware

This beautiful line of Venetian Crystal is vibrant and colorful. Each piece is carefully painted by hand and then double fired to ensure the permanence of the colors. Our Italian artisans are masters of their trade producing a gorgeous and unique line of glassware. In addition to all sizes of drinking glasses, we also feature Vases, Bowls , Pitchers, and other glass gift items. Add a touch of color and sparkle to your table setting. Perfect for parties!

Music Boxes

My mother, Alice Sturzinger, is from Switzerland and she started importing the finest music boxes from Switzerland back in 1964! While we have expanded the range of products we now import, Music Boxes always remain dear to our heart and one of our key products. We are proud to continue the tradition of offering fine music boxes working with artisans in Sorrento, Italy. The inlay work to create the boxes is still done in the same tradition as for the last 100 years. Our timeless music boxes are a treasured gift and will surely become an heirloom piece for your family.

Murano Glass Jewelry

Susanne has been working with artisans and designers for over 15 years to create a unique style of Jewelry always hand made with the highest quality of authentic Murano glass of Venice, Italy. Many of the beads are infused with silver and gold foils as well as other minerals which is what makes Murano glass stand out. Its vibrant colors and shimmer cannot be missed! We carry a full range of price points and styles from pendants and stretch bracelets to complete necklace sets. Stand out and let our jewelry reflect your unique style.

Our Murano Glass Birds are one of the most delightful products we carry! Each little bird is hand blown on the Island of Murano by our Venetian glass master artisans. Each figurine is of museum quality made by hand using the highest standards of traditional workmanship. Starting with just a few, our flock has increased by many colors and new styles. Shop our full selection of unique Murano Glass gifts.

About Us

Now in our 3rd Generation of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs

My mother, Alice Sturzinger, came from Switzerland in 1963. Through various circumstances, she began importing Music Boxes from Switzerland. Alice would pack her Volkswagon with music box samples, drive to a town, take out the Yellow Pages and look up “gift shops”. Introducing herself and her music boxes, she built up a business as a single woman in the 60’s. A true pioneer !

I remember driving up and down the Eastern Seaboard with mom and her Volkswagen! After college, I started working full time in the family business. We have expanded our products to include beautiful Murano glass jewelry from Venice, Italy along with the Venetian Crystal glassware. Now my daughters have joined our team.

We are very happy to be in our 3rd generation as a women owned business.

We continue to offer excellent customer service, high quality products at very fair prices. Mom says, with these qualities, we will always maintain our close relationships with the fine customers we serve. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you for a long time to come! 


Susanne and Team


Alice Sturzinger is the distributor for Antica Murrina in the USA. Check out this vibrant and exciting brand of Venetian glass jewelry. We have new collections twice a year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. This is a fashion conscious line always in touch with the latest trends. Unique modern styles for the unique modern woman. To do the brand justice, we have dedicated website in place. Please come explore Antica Murrina.

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